Corona-virus & InnoDez Road-map

Seems that we’re all going to be staying indoors, working remote, avoiding contact for a while as a result of  Coronavirus , Not a problem at all.
We will be 100% remote until further notice and will utilize innovative tools that make remote working easier than ever.
We are actively collaborating with meeting deadlines on all our projects & prefer to schedule a conference call with our clients when possible to get our work done without compromising health that is our aim.
Faith is what will keep us all going, As part of our community engagement commitments,
we always strive to be a caring part of the society, no matter what the circumstance is; that will not change. We’ll continue to look for ways to adapt & thrive even during bleak moments like this.

InnoDez In A Glance

Commercial Design Services

Residential Design Services

MEP Design & Drafting

Structural Design Services

Our Services

InnoDez provides a range of  commercial and residential construction services in California, Texas and all over the US. These include Structural, MEP and Civil Design services based on our vast experience and careful attention to details.
Structural Design
Structural Design

Our Structural Design services include the expertise of individuals  competent in residential homes as well as commercial structural design knowledge that cover Ground-up Commercial buildings, Tenant Improvements, Remodels, Seismic Retrofits, Structural Evaluations, and more commercial and residential structural design-related projects.

MEP Engineering Design
MEP Design

Whether you are looking for Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing design services for a commercial or a residential building, InnoDez experienced MEP teams have you covered!

Civil Engineering Design
Civil Design Work

We offer a range of services that can help prepare your site for construction. Our professional team utilizes thorough research, planning, and creativity to deliver high-quality, practical, and cost-effective solutions, offering you the most competent residential design services.

Structural, MEP & Engineering Design Services

InnoDez Dedication to its clients

InnoDez Has A Strong Team of Skilled Designers in Different States. With a Wealth of Experience Earned from Numerous Successfully Delivered Projects, we have the Competence to Support You Throughout the Whole Process of Design from Concept to Completion.

We Provide Our Clients A Complete Building Permit Set, In Addition to The Necessary Guidance on Obtaining All Required Approval from The Local Authorities.

Let us help you drive your project to success! We’ll contribute our technical knowledge to you..

Our Team has the professional experience to offer both commercial and residential design services..


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