Project Description:
The goal was to prepare a full set of working documents for a … square feet Warehouse in San Antonio Texas. The site was located in the area that any installation needed to be salt-tolerant (galvanized steel), the overall envelope of the building was designed to create office and equipment storage spaces.
The scope of work of this project was to provide a Full Design set including:
* Architectural Plans for the office space layout
* Structural Design (Calculation and Drawings)
* MEP Layouts
* Mechanical Plans
* Fire Sprinkler Plans
The complete design set was provided to the client. The client has received a Permit for construction activities.
InnoDez studied the existing site and soil conditions and completed the Full Design package plan set and configurations.
Our Design and Engineering teams worked thoroughly, considering all aspects, and working intensely with the client. We were able to accomplish the entire project even ahead of the schedule to the clients’ satisfaction.
The main challenge encountered in this project were:
* The warehouse was located in the area in which structural engineering was a challenge, to create a robust design while keeping the enquired cost at minimal.
* Considering natural or mechanical ventilation for the warehouse portion of the building with no previous piping network in those areas.
* to increase the building sustainability and energy-saving with creative solutions to keep the project within the budget.

Find Full Drawing Below 

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