Project Description:
The goal was to prepare a modern interior design for a villa in Bethesda, Maryland. The client comes from Suadi and wanted to have a friendly environment to feel he is in the homeland.
InnoDez designer met the client and summarized the client’s ideas and the project requirements. InnoDez started filtering ideas for the initial execution and studying the architectural characters and constructability along with searching for different ideas for developing the shape of the building. The basic concept converted into a tangible form of visualized images that brought to life. After confirmation of the design by the client, the detailed drawings, specifications, codes, and standards & installation instructions prepared for the construction phase. To meet client requirements a Moodboard prepared based on the following items;

  • The idea of the design is to make a unique space with a luxurious modern theme
  • Walls are presented in base color tone with touches of materials design on it like marble, wood strips & golden profiles to give the feeling of luxurious
  • The main color scheme is beige shades to give the warmish & lighting to the spaces
  • The floor covering used is marble (mostly two types) with boarders lines
  • Ceiling && lighting units presented with designs & golden profiles according to the general mood of the space to make it richer
  • Furniture models used have shapes & design according to space’s mood to give the best feeling & comforting
  • All this creates an elegant design that symbolizes contemporary luxury, warmish & lighting design

The main challenge encountered in this project was the compliance of Eastern and Western culture and looking for the local market for the requested types of materials.

Interior Design Ground Floor

Interior Design Bathroom

Interior Design Beadroom

Interior Design Billiard Room

Interior Design Dining Romm

Interior Design Dining

Interior Design Entrance Hall

Interior Design First Floor

Interior Design Home Theater

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