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Our team has the experience to design your cannabis and hemp facility from scratch.

What does InnoDez offer for Grow Facilities?

InnoDez is a California-based professional cannabis and hemp design and engineering firm. We provide professionally licensed engineering services. We have completed over 75 cannabis cultivation and processing facilities across the United States.

We help clients fully maximize the potential of any cannabis or hemp cultivation, processing, and dispensary facilities.

InnoDez delivers substantial, innovative and economical design and engineering solutions for all type of cannabis and hemp facilities.

Commercial Grow Facility

Design and Engineering for Cannabis and Hemp Facilities:

The typical cannabis business model has three components: a grow facility where plants are grown, harvested and dried; a processing facility which typically manages the extraction, manufacturing and distribution processes; and a dispensary, where the final cannabis product is sold.

The design and engineering team at InnoDez designs cannabis and hemp facilities for medical, industrial, cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and retail purposes. Whether the project is a new ground up building or a tenant improvement in an existing building, we have knowledge of the necessary codes and processes that is needed in order to build out their facilities.

When designing a new structure, it is important to involve the architecture and engineering team as soon as possible to ensure feasibility of the project and to make sure the project runs smoothly, within time and budget. Our teams are expert in offering design expertise in many building types including steel structures, prefabricated buildings, converted shipping containers and greenhouse designs.

Design and engineering for cannabis and hemp facilities is a specialized process that requires close coordination with the business owner. Every facility is different, and every owner/grower has their own unique experience in the industry. InnoDez is specialist in cannabis and hemp facility design. We will work with you as a team in order to develop a well-organized facility that maximizes your production while reducing your costs.


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States we have engineering license in

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

We have done numerous conceptual and floor plan drawings based on the instructions given by the state in order you get licenses. We know how to challenge the complexities of the licensing process. After that, we work with you side by side to ensure that the facility design would be following the standards of the cannabis industry.

Structural Engineering

Structural Design

Our structural engineers inspect the building for structural stability and their physical integrity. They do structural analysis and full sealed structural prints for plans reviews.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

Cannabis cultivation facilities must work jointly with HVAC systems to dehumidify and control the climate inside the growing room. Most grows are hydroponic facilities that have specific HVAC needs focused on cooling and de-humidification. Our supreme experience provides you with the expertise to design HVAC systems for the specific environmental needs of cannabis production facilities.

Electrical Design

Electrical Design

Grow facilities have a very high electrical demand due to the grow lights, air conditioning units, and other equipment. Overloaded electrical wiring has caused fires in some grow facilities. InnoDez is uniquely qualified to help you design the right facility for your product.

Plumbing Design

Plumbing Design

Innodez has extensive experience in plumbing design for cannabis facilities. We work with you to ensure that your facility is safe and up to the latest codes and best design practices. Many cultivators fail to properly estimate their water drainage capabilities, resulting in either slow drainage or worse water can back up from failure to properly size drainage lines.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Cannabis dispensary interior design has come a long way since the early days of marijuana legalization in the states, and as the demands for cannabis products go higher, dispensary owners are taking their designs to all new heights. In our interior design service for cannabis dispensaries, we design and make material, finish, color, and furniture and fixture selections.

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Our Approach

Building a cannabis or hemp facility is a complex effort which requires simultaneous coordination of multiple disciplines and processes.

Without proper facility planning from the start, projects quickly run out of funding with costly necessary repairs and renovations that could have been avoided by having proper initial design and engineering.

InnoDez brings together the diverse professional skill sets required to complete a full cannabis facility project. We provide a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs that always encounter regulatory requirements as they enter the market.

Our areas of expertise include design, engineering permit acquisition, build and consultation for cannabis and hemp facilities. We have successfully executed more than 75 cannabis design and engineering projects.

Whether working for the cannabis property owner, contractor, architect, developer, entrepreneur, real estate or investor, our goal is to deliver excellent engineering services. Our design of cannabis facilities includes cultivation greenhouses, indoor cultivation warehouses, extraction labs, manufacturing facilities and dispensaries.

We provide cannabis facility design and engineering services in every state where medical and recreational cannabis cultivation and sale is legal.