Modular Container Temporary SFR in California

Project Description: Modular Container Temporary SFR: A devastating wildfire on November 8, 2018, struck Butte County, California and shortly later hit the town of Paradise. Through a comprehensive disaster alleviation measure, InnoDez received a request for providing temporary housing solutions for victims of fire torn in California. The goal of

8-Unit Mixed-Use Multifamily Building in Wisconsin

Project Description: Mixed-Use Multifamily Building: A returning client that had favorable design experiences and successful project delivery in CA, referred a client to us who were engaged in the community development of 8 Unit Mixed-Use Residential Building and neighborhood landscaping in Wisconsin. Role: InnoDez was tasked to design a full

2 Story Single Family Residence Building Plan Set, CA

Project Description: A client with a special interest in environmental conservation and utilizing new technologies, reached out to InnoDez with a Building Plan Set project for 2-story SFR, Single Family Residence to be constructed with GigaCrete. Building Plan Set - Role: InnoDez was tasked to prepare a plan set for