Introduction The basics of modern architecture tend to be simple and clean. Its enduring philosophy accepts the model that form accompanies function. Thus, modern architects articulate themselves through clear views and simplicity of structural components. And by avoiding unnecessary details to their design. Additionally, modern architecture exhibits the actual construction

introduction For over 4000 years, people have been constructing timber structures across Asia/ Europe. In Northern America, construction of timber structures started after the arrival of Europeans. That was about 4 hundred years ago. Several old timber structures that still exist. You can either renovate, restore or even adapt an

Modular Container Temporary SFR in California

Project Description: Modular Container Temporary SFR: A devastating wildfire on November 8, 2018, struck Butte County, California and shortly later hit the town of Paradise. Through a comprehensive disaster alleviation measure, InnoDez received a request for providing temporary housing solutions for victims of fire torn in California. The goal of

Introduction Do you dream about designing a relaxing sanctuary in your backyard including a pool? Well, the 1st thing you should consider is your land’s elevation. To build your pool on a sloped yard, you’ll face some challenges. Sloped yards is a common challenge for building a swimming pool in

8-Unit Mixed-Use Multifamily Building in Wisconsin

Project Description: Mixed-Use Multifamily Building: A returning client that had favorable design experiences and successful project delivery in CA, referred a client to us who were engaged in the community development of 8 Unit Mixed-Use Residential Building and neighborhood landscaping in Wisconsin. Role: InnoDez was tasked to design a full