We help with all tiers and cultivation styles from an indoor, greenhouse, outdoor, or a hybrid type grow facility.

Commercial cannabis cultivation projects are unique as well as each state implementing cannabis regulations, you will want to check with them to see what is required and allowed when applying for your commercial cannabis cultivation license.

Typically, the biggest challenge in designing a cultivation facility is staying within a budget to maximize canopy, and the smaller the budget the bigger the challenge.

We provide innovative, affordable, and scalable cultivation facility solutions.

Indoor Cultivation Greenhouse Engineering Design


InnoDez offers civil engineering, architectural, structural and mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering consulting services to ensure that the design of your cannabis cultivation facility meets your requirements for temperature, humidity, bio-security and energy efficiency.

We provide drafting and engineering plans based on the code and standards of each state.

We have designed and engineered small and large scale facilities up to 150,000 sqf.

Efficient indoor cannabis cultivation facilities require engineering knowledge and experience to plan, design and facilitate the build process.

Site Planning

Cultivation Facility LayoutWe begin by listening to your needs, understanding your ideas and taking your budget into consideration as we come up a plan for your facility. Our goal is to deliver a facility that maximizes production and keeps your energy costs down so that your business is profitable.

Design & Structure

We will help you understand the best use of space in your facility by looking at the process of the grow cycle and providing the best layout that best uses the space available. Understanding how the plants move through the building during the grow cycle will make your facility and business more efficient.

Code Compliance

We comply our plans based on the regulations and licenses that must be obtained to continue running a smooth and legal facility. Let us help you design a compliant facility that can keep step with changing approaches and standards all while enabling you to cultivate the product of your dreams.

Energy Efficiency

A vast amount of electricity is needed for cannabis cultivation from artificial lighting, air conditioning, dehumidification, irrigation control systems, and ventilation. Our electrical engineers work with you to explore all your options in keeping costs down while still growing a superior product.

Our HVAC and Mechanical Services for Cultivation Facilities

  • Cannabis Cultivation Heat & CoolProviding an overview of best practices and various approaches for achieving cannabis cultivation facility goals
  • Obtaining operational information from cultivation manager necessary for proper mechanical design
  • Providing background of industry standards for unknown variables
  • Floor plan review
  • Identifying general approach (narrative) for mechanical design and assigning action items to relevant parties
  • Reviewing overall system sizing
  • Identifying specific mechanical equipment that will meet climate and biosecurity requirements
  • Reviewing final mechanical detail design

We are focused entirely on cannabis cultivation consulting. We know exactly what it takes to make your operation successful. We share that knowledge with you to deliver grow rooms that create the best overall results for your business.

With the help of our electrical, plumbing and mechanical engineering services, you can enjoy better yields, greater energy-efficiency, enhanced profitability and less downtime caused by unreliable equipment.


Cultivation Facility EngineeringOur designs integrate innovate power generation components and energy efficient materials to reduce operating costs and help your business run sustainable.

Our design team works with you to engineer a unique structural solution for your cannabis greenhouse needs, in order to ensure increased yields at a lower operating cost.

A custom recreational or medical cannabis greenhouse is the right solutions for tight building spaces, cities with strict building and permit requirements, or climates with heavy amounts of wind and snow.

A Great Greenhouse Starts with A Great Design.

  • InnoDez will join you in the early concept planning stages to ensure a well-designed and fully functional greenhouse.
  • We’ll make sure your greenhouse design gets pointed in the right direction from the very beginning.
  • We’ll provide highly functional greenhouses designed and engineered to use the highest quality materials.
  • We’ll make informed recommendations with respect to orientation, footprint, structure types and styles and heating and cooling considerations.
  • Our experienced teams will create conceptual drawings, renderings, architectural plans, structural and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) plans.
  • All drawings will be structurally engineered and stamped by InnoDez engineering team.