Marijuana Processing means any method used to prepare marijuana or its byproducts for commercial retail and/or wholesale, including but not limited to drying, cleaning, curing, trimming, packaging, testing, and extraction of active ingredients to create marijuana related products and concentrates.
In general, processing is involved in the extraction, manufacturing and distribution stages.

Cannabis Test Labs
Test Labs
Cannabis Extraction Facility
Extraction Labs
Cannabis Manufacturing Facility
Manufacturing Facility
Cannabis Distribution Facility
Distribution Facility

Each stage of processing medicinal cannabis is essential to produce a premium product that is medical-grade quality. InnoDez can retain control over the entire process and ensure our plants are optimized for medical cannabis products and for international exportation to the pharmaceutical market.

Our Experience

Cannabis Extraction FacilityWe provide turnkey design & engineering for marijuana and hemp concentrate production (extraction) and laboratories. The design package includes architectural design, and engineering. This is the foundation for your permit application.
Our lab packages are designed for commercial and industrial extract producers looking for a full-service team of designers and engineers to take their operations from concept to completion. Site planning and proper lab design are a vital part of launching an extraction business, and you need a professional team of industry experts to make the process manageable, timely and correct… the first time.
Commercial Cannabis and Hemp Processors are steering differing layers of complicated regulations. InnoDez understands the state regulations and local fire and safety codes related to the many practices of solvent based extraction. Our engineers take pride in designing safe, compliant clean spaces for laboratories and processors.


Cannabis and Hemp Extraction FacilityWe are committed to providing you with the latest technology, most innovative thinking and creative solutions in the field of engineering. It’s important to us that you always understand that status of your project and that clear lines of communication remain open between us. We will not stop working until we are confident that you are satisfied with our work.
Our team of licensed professional engineers has designed more than 75 cannabis facilities across the country. This depth of experience provides you with the highest quality design and engineering services. Let us take your operation to the next level with a design that fits your needs.

Our engineering expertise and experience in local and state code requirements, combined with an understanding of needs within the cannabis cultivation and processing spaces, are leveraged to accelerate and refine your program.

Code Compliance Guarantee

Your chosen method of extraction will determine your engineering needs. Our experts understand the codes and system requirements surrounding each method and can help guide you through the process for:

• Determining HVAC & ventilation needs to meet code requirements for local jurisdiction
• Navigating requirements to ensure proper safety systems are in place from the start
• Providing input and knowledge on appropriate sensors, alarms, ventilation and more, including backup for these systems
• Ensuring that your facility is compliant with all required codes for your local area

Layout of a Cannabis Manufacturing Distribution Facility California