We provide a wide range of services for our clients in the residential, commercial office, and hospitality sector. The backbone to our recent successes is the long-term relationships we hold with our partners aligned with our team of motivated, experienced professionals willing to challenge the norm in creating solutions.

Our attention to detail and construction background enables us to develop first class design packages, which not only look great but function too. Each design is unique and developed to reflect our Client’s/Operator’s vision and needs. We concentrate on creating experiential and functional spaces, with the intended user’s lifestyle and preferences in mind. Our designs reflect an understanding of commercial and budgetary restraints, sustainability goals and highlight the importance of coordination.

We have experience in interior design of the buildings below:

  • Retail: malls and shopping centers, department stores, specialty stores and showrooms.
  • Hospitality and recreation: hotels, resorts, cafes, bars and restaurants.


Interior Design Process

There are a series of steps in logical sequence for all size and type of interior design projects:


In this stage, we define the project in very general terms. We identify the client, nature of the project, location and the purpose of the space and the extent of the design work.

In a residential design, we may develop a profile for each of the principal residents, including such information as their age and sex, hobbies, habits, style and color preferences, and an inventory of possessions and furnishings that need to be accommodated in the space.

We analyze the collected date and compile the results in a program document that outlines design problems and the solution. The client would review and approve the document.


Concept Development

Once the client approves the design program, the conceptual design phase begins.

We will brainstorm design solutions (verbal, sketched or written), filter out unworkable ideas and refine the best solutions and concept designs.

The Concept design would be in the form of quick sketches and graphic visualizations of these main ideas – portraying the siting, orientation, space allocations, circulation patterns, spatial and activity relationships from a variety of perspectives, color schemes and other important details of the proposed design.


One or more design concepts is presented to the client in the form of a proposal, for review, feedback and approval.  The proposal may consist of

  • The Design Concept Statement and supporting conceptual drawings, including scaled floor plans showing furniture placement; mood boards showing color, materials and finishes.
  • Depending on the scale of the project, the proposal may include additional sketches, perspective drawings, full color renderings, 3-D models or computer simulations.
  • Time frame showing events in sequence and a proposed completion date.


Final Design and Documentation

In this phase, we will produce final working drawings.  These may include perspective drawings, site plans, floor plans, reflected ceiling plans (showing lighting and ceiling fixtures), sections, elevations and detailed drawing of architectural elements (e.g. doors and windows) and design elements (e.g. paint, trim, wall coverings and window treatments), along with all drawing notes necessary for the construction and installation of the design.

We prepare written specifications  list and describe in detail all furnishings and materials to be acquired, as well as  schedules which list the type, finishes and placement of architectural and design elements.