InnoDez Is Competent In Residential & Commercial Architectural Design, Offering Creative & Attractive Conceptual Plans In California And Beyond.

InnoDez Core Architectural Design Services

  • Site Consultation
  • Zoning Research and Evaluation
  • As-Built Documentation (Remodel Projects)
  • Site Planning
  • Concept Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Space Planning
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents


  • Permit Processing
  • BIM modeling
  • 3d Perspective Renderings
  • Finish Selections
  • Door/Window Selections
  • Cabinet/Built-in Selections
  • Hardware/Appliance Selections
  • Plumbing/Lighting Selections
  • Construction Method Selections

Architectural Design Services

We bring your vision to life by designing buildings and facilities that meet state standards and comply with all building codes. One of our main points of strength is the close collaboration that our designers establish with clients on the very first stages of a project, until completion. This is what allows us to provide creative and unique design solutions on every phase of the project, while still maintaining high standards that comply with building codes.

Our designers have made it their priority to listen to the needs of all our clients and customers. Our professional staff translates all that knowledge into functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable solutions as part of our conceptual design services.

Our carefully selected team at InnoDez possesses a broad range of skills that allows our projects to be unique and out of the box. We are fully committed to providing design excellence. We specialize in delivering 3D modeling, design, and visualization support for new builds, retrofits, refurbishments and renovation projects.

Our objective is to design inspiring places for anyone to live and work. Our portfolio consists of warm and appealing modern architecture at all scales, from custom homes and creative office spaces to multi-family housing and urban infills.

Our approach to design goes beyond the logistical and mechanical elements. We pride ourselves in creating an architecture that is inspirational to its users and in harmony with its cultural background and natural surroundings.

Our design team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best conceptual design services possible.

Residential Architecture

Inspiring and Sustainable Homes for Contemporary Living
InnoDez specializes in a wide range of residential architectural typologies, from luxury expansive buildings to partial or full home remodels. Our portfolio of residential architecture includes homes from 500 S.F. all the way to 12,000 S.F. Our skill set allows us to provide a design solution for all different styles of architecture. Whether new construction or full residential remodel, our InnoDez team of experienced designers has the ability to create a harmonious combination between function and aesthetics and ultimately generate beautiful and comfortable homes.

We work hand in hand with our clients, guiding them to dream bigger, while we work to make those dreams become reality.

Our designers have the necessary expertise to work with diverse architectural styles, including Spanish Mediterranean, Traditional, “Rustic-Modern” and cutting-edge Contemporary.

Residential Architectural Design

Commercial Architecture

Designing the Growth of Creative Companies and Institutions

Our architecture design includes tenant improvements  as well. We design corporate headquarter office buildings, restaurants, manufacturing warehouses, and distribution buildings.

We welcome any commercial architecture opportunity from new construction to tenant improvements. Our vast knowledge base and experience helps us create functional and eye-catching buildings.

Commercial Architectural Design

What values can our designers add?

Our designers can see beyond the frame of contextual constrains. They pay attention to every step of the conceptual design & drafting service that we offer, from the initial concept to full completion. This is why our buildings reflect high quality and professionalism even through their outer skin. 

Achieving harmony between design and construction is a complicated process. A good design, however, needs to reflect that balance, which is exactly what our designers seek to accomplish. Our team aims to create a harmonious composition between cost, time, function and aesthetics during design and construction. In addition, they consider building codes, regulations, and sustainability during the process as well, as part of our design services, in order to save time and money. The ultimate goal of our service is to make the whole commercial or residential design process run smoother.


We keep our clients actively involved in each phase of the process and ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the conceptual design service that we offer from start to finish.


Phase 1 - Programming and Decision Making

At this initial point, we meet with the client and discuss the requirements of the project (number of rooms, the function of the spaces, etc.), testing the fit between the owner’s needs, requests, and budget. This is the phase where we build a clear understanding of the project’s concept and function.

This phase includes site analysis, cost estimate, feasibility analysis, zoning analysis, private entity restriction analysis, and identification of project delivery method.


Phase 2 - Schematic/Concept Design & Rough Sketches

The schematic design involves sketching all the data obtained in phase 1 on paper or applicable software.

This generally includes area schematics, preliminary floor plans, preliminary site plans, and building studies of various types depending on the project’s needs. The client is asked to approve the schematic design before proceeding to the next phase.


Phase 3 - Design Development/Refining the Design

In this phase, we prepare detailed drawings to illustrate other aspects of the proposed design. Floor plans of this stage are detailed to the point where the size and layout of the rooms are correctly established. The building elevations project the building mass, character, and consideration of major materials. The finishes of the rooms are also displayed in phase 3.

These preliminary construction documents are further refined with the client in collaboration with the project team until all requirements are fulfilled.


Phase 4 - Preparation of Construction Documents

Once the client approves the design, we prepare detailed drawings and specifications, which the contractor will then use to establish actual building costs. The permitting process is initiated in this phase.


Phase 5 - Building Processing & Permitting

Construction documents are submitted to the local authorities in the relevant city or county to obtain a building permit. Typically, the plans are submitted and processed by the contractor or the owner. However, InnoDez can provide permit processing as an additional service to the architectural drafting, which streamlines the entire application.


Phase 6 - Construction Administration

Once the construction phase has begun, our competent staff dealing with design process can assist the client in making sure the project is built according to the submitted plans and specifications.

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