10 things to consider when designing a balcony

To most city dwellers, a balcony is the only outdoor space they can customize. There is one problem though! Upgrading a balcony into a practical and fashionable space might seem difficult. Yet it’s very easy to turn your small balcony into heaven. Here are some tips that will help you achieve that!

1- Check the greatest weight it can hold

Overloading your balcony might lead to costly repairs, structural damage, and sometimes injury. So, before you put heavy flower pots on the balcony, consider this factor first. This includes checking if the balcony is within the structure’s weight-bearing limitation. You can also consider the structures supporting the balcony.

2. The usage

You can use the balcony space for various applications. For instance, you can use it for dining, breakfast, or even entertainment. So, depending on how you intend to use the balcony space, how many chairs will it accommodate? Or are you planning to work out or relax on the balcony? Either way, you must consider the activities you’ll be undertaking in that space.

3. Consider the style/ theme you’re looking for

A balcony should act as an extension to the style/ theme of your house. If you want a minimalist theme, consider adding Scandinavian-style furniture. You can also install some hammocks. Hammocks might seem a bit unconventional. They’ll add an eccentric feel to the balcony while decorating the space.

You can also experiment with cushions and lanterns. But, you must agree on the color scheme before you buy such items. If you want to create a garden-themed space, opt for natural, neutral colors.

Besides, for bohemian-style, explore bright colors and impacts from countries like India. This will help you to add rich tones.

4. Plan your space

After doing the practical research, look at your actual outdoor space. How can you make the most of that space? If the space is small, consider the layout of appliances, plants, and furniture with care. Don’t clutter the space too much. This will allow you to position something like a BBQ away from flammable furniture.

Take measurements of the furniture you intend to place on the balcony before you buy them. Then use some chalk to draw on your floor plan where every element will go. This will enable you to visualize how the result will be.

5. Type of table and seating to use and how you will arrange them

If your outdoor space is too small, finding the perfect seating can be a bit difficult at first. That should not be the case! Think about comfort, size, angle, and practicality. Choose seating that will be ideal for spending its night outside. Thus, it should wither have a waterproof cover or be rainproof. Foldable chairs are also a great idea, provided they’re comfortable as well. The same case applies to the chairs’ angle.

6. Choose the appropriate fabrics/ materials

It’s important to choose soft furnishings that are easy to take on or off the balcony. Besides, padded and soft materials make the balcony relaxing and as comfortable as possible. If you intend to leave the fabrics out, ensure that they’re waterproof. Also, choose materials with colors that match with your balcony style.

7. Types of plants to buy

The best plants to install in a balcony are the ones that need low maintenance. You should choose resilient plants that will not dry up. As a city dweller, you work hard during the day, right? Thus, plants should not be an evening chore. Instead, they should provide natural delight and pleasure.

Another great idea is adding window boxes with herbs. This is because herbs smell and look wonderful. Moreover, you can use those herbs in your cooking.

Some popular balcony favorites include Pelargoniums, Juniper, and Gazania. However, this will depend on your area’s climate. So, look for low maintenance plants that do well in your local area.

8. Create a shade

Installing a wire and hanging a temporary sheer curtain will create shade in the balcony. There are various parasols out there that are ideal for balconies. They are the option when there is minimal space in your balcony. Also, you can use light, potted trees, and large plants to create shade in balconies.

9. Creating privacy

Plants also help to create privacy on the balcony. Besides, you can create relaxation spaces like a hammock or a nest closer to the ground. This will allow the balcony wall to give you more privacy. Reed and bamboo fencing is another great and practical way of creating privacy. You can also use a temporary sheer curtain to give your balcony some privacy.

10. Lighting

Installing the perfect lighting in your balcony will help you to achieve a cozy space in the evening. Glass candles are ideal for creating a splendid summer evening atmosphere. Moreover, combining candles with lanterns for background lighting will complement centerpiece lighting. You can also use any lamps that are designed for outdoor lighting. You only need to make sure that you’ve got a waterproof and safe outdoor power supply.

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