Are you working on the perfect interior design scheme for your home? If you are, you likely have most of the rooms in your new home envisioned in your mind already. Maybe you’ve already decided on a ton of design ideas, and you’re just bumping around trying to pick up some last-minute tips. Well, if that’s the case, we do have some interior design tips for you that may end up being of use to you!

1 – The Natural Element

The shapes and the natural combinations of shades found in nature will never go out of style. Plants and ornamental trees can help revitalize a home’s interior and bring it to life. Ivy and other small house plants like elephant ears and spider plants are a few options that will look amazing in your rooms.

2 – Selecting Paintings: Color and Size Tips

If you ask an interior designer, they will tell you that the interior of your home should be personal. So as far as what style you choose, you will just have to shop around until something feels right. However, there are a few tips that we can give you on color and size.

Tips On Color: When you are choosing artwork to hang on your walls, just keep a mental image of your home’s rooms in mind, and go with your heart. A ton of interior designers would tell you that color can only take you so far in your decision. While it makes sense to pick a painting or piece of art that matches the color of your home’s interior, that’s not always the case. Sometimes contrasting colors or even black and white will have an amazing effect on your home’s personality.

Tips On Size: Another thing to take into consideration is the size of your art. For the wall behind the sofa, a painting that is approximately ⅔  the width of the sofa is a good rule of thumb. Bigger is generally better.  Picking your art too small is one of the worst sore thumbs that you could have sticking out in your home’s interior. The same rule applies to above your beds. If you have a piece that fits smaller pieces together to make an array, simply pair them together and follow the same ⅔ rule.

3 – Let Your Personality Show

The daily habits of your life and your personal style are nothing to hide. Sometimes the simplest things from your style will add an amazing amount of personality to your interior design’s character. Instruments like guitars, cellos, or drums can be home decor if you use them right. Let your personality speak it’s piece when designing your home’s interior and don’t be afraid to flaunt.

4 – Interior Lighting

A lot of people assume that painting a room white will add brightness to a room, and I guess they are right. But the room can still look drab without the right amount of lighting. A well-thought-out lighting plan is indispensable. Keep ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, and accent lighting in mind when planning out your interior lighting.

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5 – Shiny Things

Shiny accessories add an irresistible elegance to any home interior design scheme. The brass of bronze furniture, crystal accessories, and decorative pieces made of stainless steel or other shiny colors can brighten things up and add ambiance to your home’s interior.

6 – Foyer Design

If you haven’t noticed, some of the most beautiful foyer designs in the world have a common thread. Adding decorative chairs and tables to your foyer will add an element of style and class to it and help make open spaces not look so empty.

7 – Spacing: The Golden Ratio

The golden ratio (also called the Golden number or Golden mean) is a simple equation designed to express scale and proportion. It is a spacing rule that has served artists well for eons, and the rule is easily applicable to your home’s interior. For a harmonious and uniform look, divide spaces into about two-thirds and one-third sections in terms of size. Another ratio that interior designers often use to add harmony to a home’s design is the 60/30/10 rule. So keep those dimensions in mind when adding elements to your home and designing your rooms!

7 Useful Interior Design Tips for Homeowners – Final Thoughts

We hope that these design interior design tips will help you out if you have been looking for help with designing the interior of your home. In the end, and like a million other interior designers will tell you, you will end up going with your gut feeling anyway. The bottom line? Your unique style and character should always reflect in your home’s interior.

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