Commercial Fire Sprinkler system Hazards


Business fires can cause extreme destruction of business structures, materials, and equipment. In case of a tiny flame, staff members may grab fire extinguishers and put it out. But if it’s a bigger flame, putting it out will be a challenge. Moreover, a fire accident might occur when you close your business. So, imagine the extent of damage that fire will cause. You can lose your business overnight before the California fire department arrives. Assuming you live in California.

Thus, if you own a business in California, you should focus on fire prevention and risk assessment. Educating your staff can cut the chances of smoke or fire damaging your business. Installing a fire sprinkler system is the other measure to consider. Besides installing sprinklers, there are some extra measures you’ll also have to take.

Commercial fire hazards

Over the past decades, people have set up various fire protection measures. These measures prevent fire hazards from destroying commercial buildings. Yet, significant losses still occur every year because of commercial fire hazards. It is possible to avoid most of these losses.

In 2017, fire hazards resulted in property loss valued at more than $3 million. Thus, a fire happened after about every minute throughout that year. The National Association of Fire Protection estimates that there were approximately 500000 fires. The report also demonstrates incidences of structure fire are increasing. Thus, look out these possible hazards. This will protect your business from entering the fire statistics.

Routine fire protection inspection

After setting up a fire protection system in your business, inspect it often. You can even schedule routine inspections with a reputable fire protection agency. This will ensure that you follow fire and local building regulations. Sprinkles are durable, especially if you give them the right maintenance and attention. Moreover, this will ensure that your business has a high level of protection. The maintenance of fire sprinklers includes having enough extra parts for the sprinklers. This will enable you to revive your fire protection fast if an incident occurs.

Automated sprinkler heads

This kind of sprinkler system does not human intervention to operate. These sprinklers have heat bulbs. These bulbs shatter when the temperature reaches a certain point. When the heat bulbs break, water flow starts in the sprinkler system. For this reason, you should test your sprinklers often. This will ensure that every working part is in order,

After activation of the sprinkler heads, you should replace them. In some instances, it’s possible to activate the sprinkler heads without fire. But this is very rare.

Maintaining extra sprinkler heads

There are many reasons for maintaining the extra sprinkler heads. For instance, if paint gets on the sprinkler during painting, you should replace them. Also, a critical buildup of grime and dust can block the sprinkler heads.

Certain NFPA regulations recommends regular replacement of the fire sprinkler heads. In general, you should replace them at least 6 times. But this will depend on your business size.

Fire Sprinkler System – Extra measures:

•  Update and inspect the electrical systems

The electrical systems of some older buildings happens after many decades. Such buildings are vulnerable to various potential problems. Some of these challenges might even cause a fire hazard that will destroy your business. So it’s important to review the electrical system of your building. This will ensure that your business is well protected for potential fire hazards.

•  Update your fire protection devices

The most common fire protection devices include sprinklers and smoke detectors. So, when did you last test your sprinklers? Or even change your smoke detectors’ batteries? Sprinklers and smoke detectors need constant maintenance. You either schedule a maintenance plan or hire a reputable fire protection partner. This can help to protect your business from a disastrous fire hazard.

Also, ensure that a certified team of professionals test your systems every year. A quick test might not show all the hidden vulnerabilities. But, it can hinder the effectiveness of your fire protection system in case of an accident.

•  Observe safety with the small appliances

Small appliances can also cause a fire hazard to your business. In some incidences, the cause of the fire was burnt popcorn/ other small appliances. Handling these appliances with safety will prevent kitchen fires. This is a big challenge for businesses.

So, ensure that you educate your staff on the significance of staying active in the kitchen. This will prevent a quick lunch from turning into a big commercial fire.

•  Reduce Clutter in your business place

There are certain requirements that you should keep in a commercial office place. This enables you to move through the building with ease. These standards may differ between municipalities and states. But, you should always avoid keeping flammable materials in a stack in the building. For instance, you can store the printed materials away from the building. This ensuring that you protect your business from accidental fire hazards.


Besides having more sprinkler heads, you should review your fire protection plan often. Also, create a fire protection maintenance schedule with Innodez design and engineering. This will ensure that your business has adequate fire protection

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